Meet our candidates for Student Representative!
[Note: Only student members of APT are allowed to vote for the student representative]
Meg Yingling
My name is Meg and I use she/her pronouns. I currently live in Estes Park, Colorado and work as a full time Mountain Guide for the Colorado Mountain School. I also am a full time graduate student in Clinical Mental Health at Adams State University. Mental health has played a large role in my life since a young age, and I am particularly passionate about exploring the intersection between mental health and outdoor recreation. In my free time I enjoy going on runs in Rocky Mountain National Park, painting, practicing yoga and playing with my nieces and nephew.
I am excited about the opportunity to be involved in the planning process and event planning for conferences and clinics. I think play is such an important component that helps build better connections with ourselves and those around us. I am passionate about helping further the play therapy field and would bring that energy into this role. I identify as being extremely organized, and goal oriented. My job as a mountain guide has given me the skill of consistently communicating with others in an effective, transparent and caring manner. I would bring this energy to help serve the CAPT community.
Naiyear Aazam Lind khajavei
I am a first-generation American, born from a father from Iran and a mother from Iceland. I grew up in a small, white town and my childhood was highlighted by a sense of otherness. After my undergraduate degree, I spent multiple years traveling and returned to work in a crisis center for underserved youth. Working there, I saw how much our current mental health services did a disservice to underserved youth and I chose to seek out a Master's degree to rejoin and dismantle aspects of the field with more knowledge.
Having worked with kids in the past, I have always been interested in play therapy and would love to be a part of a community surrounding this. I am passionate about changing our systems to be more thoughtful towards families with diverse backgrounds and those who are underserved. In the past I have gained skills around crisis deescalation, and using play as a way to explore trauma and create an alliance. I am also passionate about representation, and think that there is value in my voice as a child of immigrants.
Audrey Lister
I have worked with children and adults with disabilities for 15 years and I have my bachelor's and master's in Special Education. I have recently pivoted and am now pursuing an MSW and working in play therapy within my field work. I applied for and won a spot in my University's Early Childhood Mental Health Cohort and am pursuing my Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsement. This internship is funding by the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County.
I am very interested in providing play therapy for the disability community. Often they are referred to other therapies which is important, but they can also reap the benefits of play therapy. I have 15 years of professional experience working with children with disabilities and their families. I think my experience can bring a unique lens.