Are you ready to share your incredible skills and knowledge? The annual CAPT Spring Conference is the PREMIER destination for play therapists and mental health professionals in Colorado and nearby states to learn about current research, history, skills/methods, supervision, theory, best practice, and special topics.  Not to mention the PRIMO place to network with one another.   

CAPT is calling ALL THERAPISTS who are interested in teaching and sharing their knowledge with other play therapists and mental health professionals who work with children. We're looking at YOU! 

Proposals are being accepted for presentations relevant to play therapy. The deadline for proposals for the 27th Annual CAPT Spring Conference is May 22, 2020. Proposals can be submitted using this link.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Vandergriend a[email protected]  

The 27th Annual CAPT Spring Conference is scheduled for February 26th and 27th, 2021. Our keynote will be Janine Shelby, Ph.D.





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What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is defined by APT as “the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process wherein trained Play Therapists use the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development." 
Play Therapy should only be provided by mental health professionals who have met the required education, licensure, and additional specialized training and supervision specific to Play Therapy.  
Play Therapy isn’t Just Play!


Colorado APT proudly achieved Gold Branch for 2019!!
Branches exhibiting superior performance are annually presented Gold Branch Awards and are identified by the Gold Branch insignia. To earn a Gold Branch Award, a branch must earn at least 100 points in these core areas between April and March:
  • Membership Growth
  • Sponsored Play Therapy Education
  • Communications (emails, newsletters, etc) to members
  • Maintain a percentage of branch members who hold the RPT, RPT-S or SB-RPT credential
  • Public Play Therapy Outreach promotions
  • Other: Active website, social media channels, award programs, networking events, and the branch leadership/business meeting at the APT Annual Conference