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Jamye Rico, President

Jamye Rico

Jamye Rico is a Licensed Professional Counselor located at A Children’s Counseling Center in Colorado Springs. She is a graduate of University of Colorado – Colorado Springs with her BA in Psychology. She then continued her education at the University of Phoenix – Colorado Springs and completed her Masters degree in Community Counseling. Jamye specializes in working with children and families in both Play and Family Therapy settings. She has over 14 years of experience working with children and families and she is currently working toward a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor credential. Jamye believes that all parts of the family are important for the successful emotional and physical development of children and healthy families.

Linda Klein, Past President

Linda Klein

Linda Klein has been in private practice at A Children's Counseling Center for 20 years and is a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor as well as an APT Approved Provider. 

Linda has presented many workshops on Play Therapy topics. In her spare time, Linda sings, makes jewelry and loves having fun!

Lisa VanderGriend, Secretary

Lisa VanderGriend Raised in sunny central Florida, I grew up loving all things warm and fun. Throughout my childhood and into my college years I had opportunities to travel and live around the globe and pursue a variety of interests that I love (languages, music, art, mountain biking, and hiking). After completing my undergraduate degree in North Carolina, I moved out to Denver, Colorado to pursue my masters in counseling. Trading the beach for the mountains, I also began to develop another interest and passion: play therapy. I quickly began to pursue a special focus and study in play therapy and have continued to find the work in this arena both an honor and a challenge. I’m continuing to pursue my passion for working with children and hope one day to continue my education to earn a PhD and teach at the graduate level. I have been working in both the private and public field for the past three years doing play therapy with traumatized and abuse children; I also have developed a keen interest in play therapy in international settings. Still loving all things warm and fun, I am pressing on in my journey as a play therapist.


Nancy McGeown, Treasurer 

Nancy McGeown

Nancy McGeown, MA, LPC, RPT, CSPT. Ms. McGeown is a Therapist for Family Tree’s Early Intervention and Prevention Project in Adams County. She graduated from Denver Seminary with a Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling. Ms. McGeown has worked extensively with homeless families and families in crisis for over twelve years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist experienced in working with parenting issues and intensive home-based services. Nancy has completed class work for Marriage and Family and combines play therapy into her family systems casework. She has experience presenting workshops on the local and state levels. Nancy will give practical suggestions to workshop participants in the areas of structure, limit setting, boundaries and chore charts. She will often write a metaphorical story or poem to help families understand their own family dynamics.

Kathryn Raley, Membership Coordinator

Kathryn Raley graduated from Regis University in 2012. She has a certificate in  working with Youth and Adolescents and a  certificate for Transpersonal Counseling. Growing up in Wyoming, she early learned the therapeutic value of an outdoor setting, animals and physical  health integral to mental health. She  began the program at Regis in 2007 to complete one lifelong goal of working with children and adolescents as a counselor. She says, “The idea of Play as a language assists my conceptualization when working with clients of all ages. When the psych speaks, it is often in the most innocuous and seemingly general context. Listening and responding with the ears of a play therapist often assists me throughout the therapeutic process.” Kathryn lives in Lafayette and is becoming established as an outdoor/wilderness play therapist.

Jenna Ingram Roe, Member-at-Large

Jenna Ingram Roe Jenna Ingram Roe received her Master’s degree  from Regis University as well as a Post-Graduate  certification in Child and Adolescent Counseling in  2012. During her graduate studies, Jenna quickly  found a love for Play Therapy and decided to pursue  trainings in order to become a Registered Play  Therapist. Jenna has over 10 years of experience  working with teenagers but found a passion for  working with Early Childhood children and families.  Jenna has worked in the public and private field for  the past 3 years.  Jenna lives in Larkspur and has a  private practice office in Castle Rock. Jenna will  continue to pursue hours toward licensure as well as becoming credentialed as a play therapist. 


Kristi Gallego, Member-at-Large 

As an educator with 5 years experience working with children in international school settings in Madrid, Spain and Beijing, China, Kristi Gallego has experience working with culturally diverse populations.  Her fluency in Spanish and ability to converse in French and Mandarin allow for assisting a broad range of individuals and their families.  Kristi’s goal is to enhance equity in the service of mental health needs for non-English speaking populations.

Kristi is a recent graduate of the Master’s Program in Counseling & Human Services at UCCS.  While there, she discovered her passion for Play Therapy.  She is currently pursuing certification as a RPT by attending local workshops and trainings.  In April 2013, Kristi assisted in presenting Translating Group Process Into Children’s Language at the Colorado Association for Play Therapy Conference in Denver.

Kristi began her professional counseling career in August as the School Counselor at Mesa Elementary School in Fountain-Fort Carson School District.  She enjoys utilizing Play Therapy techniques in group settings.

As a board member for the Colorado Association for Play Therapy, Kristi offers a unique cultural viewpoint, language skills and experience working within an educational setting.

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