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Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Colorado Association for Play Therapy shall be to promote the common interest of those who are play therapist’s, including development, enhancement, and improvement of play therapy services in Colorado.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Colorado Association for Play Therapy is to:

-  provide education and training

-  advance and disseminate quality

    information and research
-  promote legal, professional,

   political advocacy

-  facilitate professional collaboration

-  encourage professionals to be mindful

   of global and cultural influences

   for the development of ethical,

   professional, and competent play

   therapists and other mental health 

   professionals to validate the unique

   developmental needs of children in

   their treatment and their value in 

   the community.

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Family Playing

I tried to teach my child with books; He gave me only puzzled looks. I tried to teach my child with words; They passed him by – often unheard.
Despairingly, I turned aside; "How shall I teach this child?" I cried. Into my hand he put the key; "Come" he said, "and play with me."
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